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Yohan Wijesinghe Associates is a Law Firm providing cost effective legal services through a team of elite lawyers based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Legal Firm is under the guidance of a barrister who is qualified to practice in the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka. The Firm's litigation arm, Y.W. chambers where the legal counsel resides is also located in Colombo.




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Company Secretarial Work


We can provide a comprehensive range of company secretarial services through our subsidiary, Y. W. Corporate Services. Y.W. Corporate Services acts for all company secretarial work that our clients delegate to us in Sri Lanka. We are registered as company secretaries with the Registrar of Companies in Sri Lanka. 


We can provide you our services in the initial stages of setting up the business, keeping in mind the organization structure and objectives to enable that your corporate structure is properly setup to ensure efficiency of the organisation so that your business can achieve the desired goals.


We can carry out the administrative burden to ensure that you adequately set up your company, so that you focus on more important things like building your business image, organisational logistics, carrying out marketing and other internal management operations.


We have a team of lawyers and experts dedicated to handle all administrative issues in relation to incorporating your business in a professional and most cost efficient manner from the very concept stage. This means your company will be properly set up from a legal and accounting perspective, which we believe is fundamental to efficient corporate governance. Our cost effective and beneficial solutions that are tailored to realizing your specific goals and needs will ensure that your company is compliant with the relevant Corporate Laws, government regulations and other filing requirements.


The following include the company secretarial services we provide:


Incorporation of companies

  • Carrying out the necessary searches and getting the approvals for our clients
  • Filing forms and submitting the necessary applications to the Registrar  of Companies on behalf of our clients
  • Drafting  of Articles of Association
  • Liaising with Government Authorities for incorporation of Companies under special provisions.
  • Liaising with the Registrar General of Companies
  • Liaising with Government Authorities for obtain the necessary approvals and licenses needed by the organization to operate.


Acting as company secretaries for companies


  • Convening and attending Board Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings.
  • Recording Minutes and Maintenance of Minute Books of Board Meetings and General Meetings.
  • Preparation and passing circular resolutions.
  • Maintenance of all Statutory Registers such as, Share Register, Seal Register, Register of Directors, Register of Directors’ Shareholdings etc.
  • Attending to Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) requirements and liaising with the CSE on behalf of clients who are quoted on the CSE.
  • Attending to amendments the Articles of Association.
  • Change of name of Companies
  • Increase/Reduction of Share Capital
  • Liaising with the Department of Exchange Control and other Government Authorities on behalf of clients when necessary to ensure the company is in compliance to Laws and regulations with regard to company secretarial work.
  • Advising Companies and Board of Directors on Company Law and Practice with emphasis on compliance with the Companies Act, Colombo Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Preparing all other documents relating to secretarial work of the company.