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Yohan Wijesinghe Associates is a Law Firm providing cost effective legal services through a team of elite lawyers based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Legal Firm is under the guidance of a barrister who is qualified to practice in the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka. The Firm's litigation arm, Y.W. chambers where the legal counsel resides is also located in Colombo.




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Intellectual Property Attorneys


We are Intellectual Property Attorneys, who can cater to all your IP strategies and solutions concerning mostly Trade Marks, Industrial Designs and Patents. We as Intellectual Property Lawyers ensure that your rights are safeguarded in Sri Lanka. We believe that intellectual property are valuable assets to our clients that need a long-term strategy to develop and grow their brand image and processes. Our Y. W. Intellectual Property Lawyers provide services to those who are concerned with protecting their intangible assets and safe guarding their intellectual property rights. Y.W. Intellectual Property Solutions is the subsidiary providing the services mentioned hereinafter. Please view contact details here.  


We take care of the administrative burden to ensure adequate transfer/migration, protection and management of Intellectual Property Rights, by managing all matters concerning and relating to legal, fiscal and administrative aspect of an IP structure in an organisation and solutions as registered patent agent.


  • Patents
  • Trade Marks
  • Designs
  • Advise and IP Agreements.
  • Litigation


Securing rights to an invention by way of patent provides you with a monopoly to that technology to exploit and profit from the hard work that you have done through Research and Development, which is time consuming and are costly investments. We develop the most cost effective strategies to safe guard your rights from a preliminary concept through to the granted patent. We trust that our IP solutions could be tailor made to meet your requirements.


We advise our clients not to commit to projects, until our investigations and discussions are concluded to ensure that the idea or invention which enables our client’s products to achieve commercial success. We evaluate not only the external environment but also the internal environment and advise our clients to ensure that the rights remain solid without any ideas being leaked to potential competitors. We evaluate all other aspects that are essential to clients, before we proceed any further.


Trade Marks and Trade Names
We believe that identity means everything to succeed in a competitive economy. Therefore, we advise our clients to register their Trade Marks and Trade Names. Further to create a Logo to distinguish their businesses and their products from those of competitors. A trademark is one of the most important business assets. When our clients register their Trademarks or Logos, they create a monopoly over its use which is fully protected by Law.



Industrial Design registration protects the appearance of new and distinctive designs used commercially. A design relates to the features of shape, configuration pattern or ornamentation which gives the product a unique appearance.  A design can be three dimensional such as a shape of an article or two dimensional such as a pattern or lines. 


If you’re into import and export, we advise you to register your design the foreign country you are exporting to and in Sri Lanka. This would enable our clients to protect their designs from deliberate copying and the independent development of a similar design. We trust that a registered design can be a valuable asset to the business. Registration gives the owner the protection for the visual appearance of a product. If you are a manufacturer, producing or designing a product, we can help you to protect your products from piracy and copyright infringers.


Advise and IP Agreements

We could also advise on matters involving the Laws of unfair competition, false advertising, non competition covenants, related trade practices matters, e-commerce, internet and domain name related issues, computer software contracts, franchising agreements, licensing agreements, outsourcing agreements, non disclosure agreements, distributorship arrangements service level agreements and other technology related matters. You can find more information here.


  • Technology transfer agreements
  • Intellectual property development agreements and covenants not to compete.
  • Employment and consulting agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Supply and manufacturing agreements



We can act on the instructions of our clients to take action against any possible infringements of intellectual property rights, inorder to safeguard the rights of our client. Our counsels are well versed in the area of IP litigation. You can find more information here.

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