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A Law Firm consisting a team of elite lawyers in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Yohan Wijesinghe Associates is a Law Firm providing cost effective legal services through a team of elite lawyers based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Legal Firm is under the guidance of a barrister who is qualified to practice in the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka. The Firm's litigation arm, Y.W. chambers where the legal counsel resides is also located in Colombo.




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Legal Opinions and Due Diligence


Yohan Rajeeva Wijesinghe, Barrister-at-Law Lincoln’s Inn (England & Wales) as a barrister and a counsel provides legal opinions through legal research that is carried out at his chambers located in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


The chamber’s of Yohan Wijesinghe, Attorney-at-Law (Sri Lanka) is fully equipped with a comprehensive library having a wide range of law books ranging from practitioners texts to case law reports nestled in a modern state of the art surrounding with the necessary top of range technology to carry out legal research. This enables to provide clients with legal opinions as to any legal issues and possible loop holes to problems that they encounter. You can view more information about the work done at chambers here.
We offer a comprehensive service and will carryout research in the most complex of areas, be it Common Law of England or Case Law of Sri Lanka. Yohan Wijesinghe has developed the necessary skills through experience in carrying out legal research after years of practice in the legal field. Therefore, he is now able to provide sound advise and opinions regarding any legal issues that our clients are faced with.


Yohan Wijesinghe provides succinct advise which enables clients to strategize their matters in the right direction to solve the problems that are befallen on them due to the constantly changing legal and volatile economic environment in Sri Lanka.


The library of the chambers is constantly updated with the latest books relating to case law and statutes that caters to research on any area of law. The Chambers take time and effort to burn the mid night oil into their research and furthermore, his dedication to research has helped clients to overcome doubts as to the likely outcome of their cases.


The aim of the chambers being to provide advise beforehand and to enable the client to evaluate the chances of success without going into costly litigation. This approach usually helps clients to assess and plan out and strategies the best way to approach the problems.


The experts who carry out the research are well versed and versatile in referring to any kind of research books, law reports and journals and other law books to carry out the necessary research that is needed to provide opinions to clients.

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